Shahin Gharghi

Senior Software Engineer

You have found yourself at the online home of Shahin, a senior software engineer. Here you will find a selection of my latest work, my skill sets, and my contact info.

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Personal Statement

I am a back-end developer with ten years of commercial experience. I am always looking to work on innovative projects with adventurous clients. I am full of energy, ingenious, motivated, hard working, and enthusiastic about my work. I view technology as a way to automate communications, with the understanding that people come before technology. I am an expert in Python, Django, PHP, MySQL and R.


Writing Network Applications

Designing Networks

Troubleshooting Networks

Hosting/Linux Server Admin

Writing Wordpress Plugins

Complete Website Delivery


Lime Document Management

This is a basic OSS for small Internet Service Providers to manage their devices, IPs, Passwords and assets

BGP Monitor

This is an open source software which you can use it both in your local network and as a client in cloud. You can monitor your IPs and AS Numbers with this application

Woocommerce Bank Parsian Gateway

This is a Wordpress plugin for connecting woocommerce plugin into Bank Parsian online payment. You can download the plugin from below:

RIPE Database Prefix Cleaner

You can easily delete whole objects related to your prefix with this application and also create your objects in bulk.

Woocommerce Shipping Plugin

This pluggin which was written for woocommerce gives the admins the ability of calculating the cost of shipping Based on size and weight of the package and add the price to the invoice.

Wordpress Licence Manager

If an online store needs to sell some products that have only a license or username and password, this plugin is made for you

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